65 x Happiness - Englische Ausgabe (Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-946219-35-4)

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This is not a book that one reads from front to back, it is instead one that you pick
up when you need something warm. 65 children tell of their view on life, the way it
truly is – full of untapped potential, good-natured, and wonderful.
This book teaches you to practice humility, that it is worth it limit yourself to the
most important things when you have that possibility, and not first when life forces
you to.

Roman Schomburg (actor)


Iradatou Amadou (15 years old)

To be born and grow up is a gift.
Life is a great gift.
Love is a great gift.
To be able to learn is a great gift.
Time is a great gift. Children need time to play so that they can be happy. I am happy that my
parents love each other. I am happy that I can go to school. When I grow up I hope that I can
find a job and that I can have a good family.
I already have everything else … life, love, learning, and time.

Lisette (12 years old)
Germany / France

I will never forget the girls’ day out that I had with my Mama. She told me that she was
getting back together with Papa. I didn’t believe her. I had shut this notion out of my heart
a long time ago, but it was true, and I was truly happy. It was the best day of my life.
Both parents together, hopefully forever.
Money couldn’t make you so happy. If I suddenly had lots of money I would give it to my
parents. Then they could buy whatever they wanted with it. I would donate to the refugees,
and then maybe a little gift to myself – I would get a cell phone. When I grow up I want to
work in an organization that donates money, helps refugees, and does things that make
people happy. I have two homelands, France and Germany. I live in Berlin and during
breaks from school I travel to France. I also speak both languages. I don’t have so many
friends, but the ones I have are really good friends. I have lots of interests. I play guitar
and ride horses, and I hate fighting. I apologize after a fight even when it is not my fault,
just because I find it unbearable. I believe that when you give something you get something
back. That is why I love Christmas, so I can give presents. I love presents that come from
the heart. I always give presents with all my heart.
Sometimes I don’t agree with my parents, but I know that I am being brought up well.
And you know what else? Later I always realize that Mama was right. I have the best parents
ever, and they are back together again. Do you know what makes me really happy?
On those nights when I can’t sleep and am afraid then my Papa doesn’t say that Lisette
has to stay in bed. He tries to think of other things to do and if nothing else works, then I
am allowed to sleep in my parents’ bed.
When I grow up I want to have a farm and a nice family.
I am happy now and later on I want to be happy too.

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